Why music is cuter than a kitten.

Why music is cuter than a kitten – a story of music… Lets talk about why music is cuter than a kitten. I hope that does not upset anyone so lets say it another way. Music is a universal expression of every possible emotion a person can have. It can be very cute and sometimes […]

Love Exists, LIVE @ The Rhodehouse 07-17-14

LIVE: Love Exists, LIVE @ The Rhodehouse 07-17-14 – Love Exists was recorded LIVE in the virtual world of Second Life.  Love Exists is an original acoustic rock song written by Kevin M. Thomas.  Love Exists is a song about the hopes and dreams of each person in a committed relationship.  This song features Kevin M. […]

Lighten Up, New Acoustic Rock

Featured: Lighten Up – A contemporary acoustic style with a subtle and chill vibe reflecting on the day-to-day relationships that people experience and the need to self-reflect and lighten up as things are not always as bad as they seem to be. It’s easy to get caught up on the here and now and not […]

Happy Monday! Got the engine working.

Happy Monday!  Got the engine working on the site and added a few plugins and here we go!  Looking forward to a great week on Second Life as I just posted my schedule in Reverb Nation and my connected Google Calendar.  Hope to see you all there! George is also hard at work eating shrimp […]

Brand New Website Design! 4

Brand new website design.  Cheers everyone!  I have been meaning to create this site for almost two years now however with my daily performing schedule on Second Life, I have not had a minute to breathe but thats a good thing. I am excited to integrate the blog aspect to the site so we can […]